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More about me

  • Ambassador at - A Global organization working on education innovation

  • Elected Program Manager for the cultural festival and sports meet at TISS, Guwahati

  • Vice President of the departmental society (TIES) at NIT Jalandhar

  • Awarded Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) in Education (Jan 2020) by Ministry of HRD, India

  • Qualified UGC - National Eligibility Test in two subjects: Social Work and Education

  • College level sports: Chess (Gold, 2013)

  • Volleyball (Gold, 2013)

  • Table Tennis (Silver, 2013 & Gold, 2014)

  • Carrom Doubles (Silver, 2014)

  • Basketball (Gold, 2013 & Silver, 2014).


Shayar (Poet)
in me

Created Youtube channel during Covid-19 : Approaching the New Normal


Natalia Costina, Product Manager, Tech4Good

“We approached Priyank as we're a foreign start up and wanted to get a nuanced understanding of the Indian education system. Priyank has a deep understanding of this space both historical and contemporary. He helped us in how we can position our program and enter the Indian market contacting with different communities in India."

Reshma Bachwani, Founder, Illume

"During my conversation with Priyank, I heard some new perspectives on the subject I am researching - education reform. What I found valuable was his point of view on ed-tech and its externalities, political will or the lack of it in catalysing change and why despite so much work happening in silos amongst different stakeholders, little seems to be changing on the ground."

Meha Sawant, Co-Founder, Happy Minds

“Priyank is a dynamic human being. Always curious to know more and learn more. His perception and views on education systems and in general on education are mind blowing and thought provoking. It was fun to work with him, and he always had questions on various work systems at times which made me question myself. Nevertheless, an amazing human being and a very good genuine friend.”

Sanya Pawah, Senior Associate Consultant, Samagra Governance

“I approached Priyank as I wanted an understanding of the education system and scaling up interventions. He helped me through the entire process of structuring my thoughts, building ideas and deriving solutions. Priyank's extensive experience in the education sector gives him an edge in solving complex problems seamlessly. Would highly recommend Priyank for mentoring support and career guidance."

Tarun Choubisa, Co-Founder Seed2Sapling

"I approached Priyank for queries related to the curriculum and he comprehensively answered the queries. He has a lot of historical and field knowledge with respect to this field. Thanks Priyank."

Shivani Agarwal, Consultant, Redwood Edutours

“Priyank’s suggestion and ideas were quite good. I got some actionable ideas to direct my thoughts and actions. His understanding of the system is quite deep which resulted in a very interesting and a long discussion.”

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