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  • Priyank Sharma

List of Must-read books in Education

I have received several messages from people intending to understand the Indian Education System. I am sharing with you what I feel is a must read for certain questions in the education space.

Disclaimer: This, by no means, is an exhaustive list, and it may not be the best resource as well. It's a list curated by me solely based on what I feel is the best place to begin your search, so, it may have its own bias and mine too.

I go by authors instead of books, and one of the resource (book/paper name) in brackets.

How was education in ancient India?

AS Altekar (Education in ancient India)

What has been the history of education in India?

SC Ghosh (History of education in India/History of Education in Modern India)

Historically, India was the education hub across the globe with universities like Nalanda, Takshshila etc., how was the heritage destroyed?

Sahana Singh (The Educational Heritage of Ancient India)

Specific detailed notes on education in Colonial India

Krishna Kumar (Politics of Education in Colonial India)

How was education distributed among various caste groups in pre-British era?

Dharampal (The Beautiful tree)

Teaching in India

Krishna Kumar (What's worth teaching)

Adding few more to the list (for education in general):

How technology can play a role in education? Book for every CEO/Founder or personnel in the edtech industry

Justin Reich (Failure to disrupt: Why technology alone can't transform education)

Privatization in education

Will Brehm (Cambodia for Sale: Everyday Privatization in Education and beyond)

Education System and the effects of factory schooling

John Taylor Getto (Dumbing Us Down)

Side Effects of Education

Yong Zhao (What works may hurt: Side effects in Education)

Alternative Education/Unschooling

Daniel Greenberg (Education in America: A View from Sudbury Valley)

Ivan Illich (Deschooling Society)

Ancient Knowledge Systems

Wade Davis (The Wayfinders)

If you have queries about any book/resource, or if there are other questions that you're searching for, you can let me know, if I am able to, I would be happy to point to a resource where you can start.

I have put books on top of my mind, please add if you have more to add to the list. It would be helpful for everyone!

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