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  • Priyank Sharma

ProTips for research

1. is a better place to search for relevant research papers than google search, jstor search, google scholar search or any other research search engine.

2. Taking review of literature (ROL) till the analyses stage enriches the research multifold. A lot of times researchers tend to do ROL at the start in order to set the context and the research gap, and then focus on data collection and analysis - but doing analyses in the light of literature can produce some really good insights.

3. People into qualitative research methodologies have to tussle between preparing tools for investigation and going to the field for data collection. More often than not, tools prepared have to be reshaped once you're in the field. There's a recent qualitative research methodology that kind of breaks this dilemma. For researchers going for qualitative research, do explore Bricolage Research Methodology - it gives the researcher the power to design tools on the go on the field.

I'm using this research methodology for my PhD :)

4. People into quantitative research often do analyses of a lot of data and figures. There are databases out there which researchers tend to use. One of the problems with these databases is the way they collect data. Please include a section in your research where you discuss the authenticity or integrity of the database. We may not have many databases to refer to, but it's important to understand and establish the limitations of the data we're using and the analyses we do.

5. To access research papers behind paywalls, don't google sci-hub latest working link, and never use the link! :)

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