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  • Priyank Sharma

Which is the most urgent area of research for improving the Indian Education System?

I was recently asked the above question.

The immediate answer that came to me: "It's hands down - Teacher Education".

Historically, teacher education has been no more than a joke (didn't find a better word there) in India.

While many may not believe it, but teacher education is a very recent phenomenon in India. Earlier, teacher education used to be shops run privately or in schools - not even in universities !

In fact, NCTE (National Council of Teacher Education) was specifically set up to close down or at least regulate these private market shops. Thousands of teacher training institutes were shut down by NCTE. It has not been even 10 years that we have talked about rigorous teacher education in universities.

There are few researchers who actually take up teacher education as their research area - we have a huge dearth of literature in this domain.

We need more and more researchers to add to this domain - "urgently"!

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